Hi and welcome to my blog about relational parenting. I am a father and grandfather. I write about parenting based on my experience as a parent and as a Clinical Psychologist. As a psychologist, I evaluated children and adolescents in schools, hospitals, and a private office. I provided therapy and consulted with parents, teachers, and physicians.

The educational information in my blog supplements the two books available on AMAZON, GOOGLE, and elsewhere.

My perspective on parenting comes from research on counseling and is no surprise--the relationship between adults and children is the key ingredient in change. In this context, we can parent with respect.

Discipline with Respect is based on sound principles of helping children learn to treat others and themselves with respect.

What do fathers contribute to father-son relationships?

  The Importance of Warm and Involved Dads to Boys' Abilities and Behavior As a clinician who evaluated and treated children and adole...